What Zombies Can Teach You About Cocoon Corpse Halloween

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A caterpillar in its cocoon is preparing to become a butterfly, but this cobweb-wrapped dead body is just preparing to scare the bejeezus out of your neighbors. The 7-foot corpse comes with hooks for hanging from an awning, a tree branch, or any other spot that can support less than a pound.

Kids may love caterpillars and cocoons but you can already see the sheer terror on their faces when they accidentally bump into this 7-foot corpse dangling from the front porch. It’s made of a lightweight, hollow wire-frame that compresses for easy storage, sways creepily in the breeze, and looks even more haunting under black light.

You’ll be able to create the perfect Halloween scene when you add this detailed prop to your holiday decor. A life-sized corpse is crafted from green foam, and is wrapped in silky spiderweb material. It comes complete with a wire attached to the feet, so you can hang it upside down and make it appear as though this poor soul ran into a giant spider and had a very, very bad day. You could also use this frightening prop in a variety of other positions, or pick up a few of them to create a wicked beast’s lair. Whatever kind of scene you assemble, we’re sure that all of your guests will be leaving with a fright!

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